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Sven Coop 4.5 Finally Released!

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Better late than never, I say.

The same goes for Friday’s Roundup, which should be coming tomorrow, at the maximum.

Sven Coop 4.5 Finally Released!

The release was slightly delayed due to some bigger fixes crammed in at the last minute, but it’s finally here!


  1. Thanks for the post!

  2. Sven Co-Op is like a Synergy-mod for HL1?

    2 days later and even more epic than pronounced …
    SC4.5 is an epic win …
    even if there still a lot of bugs and some new come … but many others fixed …
    wait for the next major release that will fix some bugs in OP4-SP and will have BS-SP inside …


  4. That’s it. My profile is going private.

  5. Hey there is a guy in the group sending out steam scam attempts. His name is, “Owner”.

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