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Surf, Of The Call For Communication, Joins Podcast 17

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Surf, Of The Call For Communication, Joins Podcast 17

Some pretty exciting community news here – Surfrock, the founder and leader of the Half-Life Call for Communication, is joining Podcast 17. He was previously one of the recurring guest hosts of the defunct Steamcast podcast, and is now joining P17 as a permanent co-host. Surf’s introduction will be done later today, on Episode #199, set to be recorded live in approximately 12 hours, at 9 PM GMT (check the recording page for a live countdown).

In addition, in approximately 4 hours, at 2 PM GMT, Phillip Marlowe of PlanetPhillip will be interviewing the lead developer of Mission Improbable, Magnar “Insta” Jenssen, streaming live on the P17 YouTube page. If you want to give both streams a listen when the time comes, keep an eye on the Podcast 17 Steam Group.


  1. yay podcast 17

  2. ——The point of CFC—–>
    Your Head

  3. well….I hope he will be more successful on podcast 17 than the miserable fail that is hl-cfc. 62.000 members out of what, a few million HL fans out there? 1500 likes on facebook.

    • Actually, it sounds like a pretty significant success to me. And no offense, but judging from what you’ve just said, it doesn’t sound as if you know anything about how such a community initiative would actually work. “A few million HL fans”, you say? Where did you get that figure? Why do you assume all owners of Half-Life are automatically fans of Half-Life? And what made you think that’s even the point of the CfC to begin with?

      • well the point of CFC was to “pressure” Gabe to reveal at least something about HL3, wasn’t it? and 62k ppl just isn’t a large number to even jiggle his dick for even a little bit. well… ok let’s cut that number “a few million owners and soforth” to a million owners who are fans . would that make more sence?. I still think CFC was a stupid idea that would fail even before it begun. It’s just the community patting eachothers backs and whining about “boohoo where’s my HL” Something that will come…regardless of community “pressure”

        • the original Half-Life is Valve’s all-time biggest seller, with 9.3 million copies sold in the ten years since its 1998 debut. Holding down the fort at second place is Half-Life 2, which has moved 6.5 million units following its release in 2004. Let’s say only 10% liked the games,,,,that’s still 1.500.000 fans ….and out of those, only 62.000 bothered to sign up for the steam group. And 1.500 for the facebook group. That’s 1 in a 1000 for fb, and 1 in 24 on the steam group….out of 10% of who liked the game

          • and those sales numbers are from 2008

            • No, “pressuring Gabe” into doing anything HL3-related has nothing to do with the CfC’s goals, I don’t understand how you got that idea.
              And those sales numbers mean absolutely nothing. I asked you to tell me how many Half-Life fans there are, not how many people bought Half-Life, and all you could give me was a percentage you made up on the spot – making assumptions left and right doesn’t exactly help your case here. And the number of fans doesn’t even have anything to do with the CfC’s goals to begin with, as I’ve already stated.
              As for the rest of your comments (the first one, to be more exact) – I would greatly advise you to maintain some sense of civility. If you believe the CfC has not done its job right, then let’s talk it over. But it is extremely rude and childish to insult the tens of thousands of people who have supported it.

              • “Your oldest and longest running fanbase would like better communication.” how is that not pressuring? Or is it begging? What difference does it make what you call it. It will not make Gabe talk. And as for assumptions, you made the assumption that I’m insulting all those who are in the steamgroup. I’m saying if you read the post again that “I still think CFC was a stupid idea that would fail even before it begun”. If I’m insulting something, it’s that. Ah, you know…let’s leave it at that…I have no desire to stir up shit. Like my org post said “I hope he will be more successful on podcast 17 than the miserable fail that is hl-cfc.” I really hope he makes something good for P17 cause I like that site.

                • That is not pressuring, nor is it begging. And I do believe it might have produced certain results with regards to information flow. And yes, you did make such an insulting assumption, but you made it past the excerpt that you quoted… no idea why you quoted something else anyway.
                  In any case, as you wish, let’s leave it. I’m sure Surf will do very well on P17. In fact, I do believe he has already done quite well, on episode #199.

  4. I love this community.

  5. The community’s all interconnected isn’t it..

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