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Steamcast’s Second Gabe Newell Interview – Coming in February, And You Can Be A Part Of It

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Steamcast! Hosted by Sam, Saurabh and Brad, Steamcast is a podcast that talks about all things Valve.

We’re good friends with the folks at Steamcast (as they are quite boss-like), so we’re pleased to tell you about their latest endeavor.

Steamcast’s Second Gabe Newell Interview – Coming in February, And You Can Be A Part Of It

Way back in August 2009 (just a month after the creation of the podcast), the Steamcast crew, and their fans, did an interview with Gabe Newell himself, with the help of nightcabbage, one of their pals.

Now, they’re doing it all over again, with another close pal, backstepper. He’s going to Valve in February, and will be talking to Gabe himself.

Just as before, you’ll be getting to ask the questions yourself. These are the rules and regulations:

  • We will stop taking submissions on 11:59AM GMT, February 1st 2011
  • Feel free to use only your first name and/or alias as the questions will be sourced during the interview
  • Questions that will be answered in the near future (e.g. the price of Portal 2) will be ignored
  • One question per person will be chosen – if you send multiple questions, only your first will only be considered
  • 5 to 10 questions will be chosen based on their quality and appropriateness

It’s as simple as checking out this link right here:

Fire away with the questions (well, more like the one question), but be adequate, as Griggs and Sheckley once said.

While you’re at it, why not check out their official site and, maybe, their Steam Forum thread?


  1. Thanks guy, really appreciate it as always. 🙂

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