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Steamcast’s Jonathan Coulton Interview, And Valve’s Portal 2 Launch Party, As Seen By Steamcast

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Well, these guys have certainly been keeping themselves busy!

Steamcast’s Jonathan Coulton Interview, And Valve’s Portal 2 Launch Party, As Seen By Steamcast

On the 2nd of June, at 7 AM PST, Steamcast will be interviewing Jonathan Coulton himself, the famous musician behind “Still Alive” and the Portal 2 end song. Following Steamcast interview tradition, the questions will be straight from the fans themselves. You can send one yourself. Just follow these basic rules:

  • We will stop accepting questions on May 31st, 2011 11:59 PM PST
  • The episode will be recorded live on June 2nd, 2011 7:00 AM PST
  • Only one question per person, and make them short and concise
  • Usual question-material rules apply (why would you even want to ask him about Episode Three?)

You can send in your question at [email protected]. To listen to the recording, you just tune in to the live stream using Steamcast’s special JoCo stream player, which can be found here.

Also, for those who might not know, Saurabh, one of Steamcast’s hosts was one of Valve’s “Potato Sack ARG Champions”, chosen for his contributions in the Steam Forum Potato ARG megathread. He got to go to Valve, attended the Portal 2 launch party, participated in the launch process by pressing a large red button, and got a ton of Portal 2, Razer and indie game swag! Though not even the finest and/or rarest merchandise is as great as getting yelled at by Erik Johnson and Chet Faliszek in the time span of a few days.

They’ve created a great page just for this particular story, and it’s filled with exclusive pictures and audio interviews. Including one with Marc Laidlaw. What did Saurabh ask Marc?

“What are you doing at Valve right now?”

“I’m not allowed to say.”

Oh, boy. I sure wonder what Mr. Laidlaw could be working on. Maybe Gunman Chronicles 2. Maybe Ricochet: Resurrection. Maybe Left 4 Dead 3. Or maybe that… what’s it called… jesus, the uh… Half-Life 2: Episode Three thing.

In any case, head over to the Steamcast website for the JoCo interview info, and for the Portal 2 launch party story.

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  1. Those release switches and the countdown to the button still seem exciting even though Portal 2 was released 1,5 month/s ago!

  2. Where do you think VALVe will go now?

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