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Steamcast Talks To The One And Only Harry Robins, The Voice of Dr. Kleiner

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Harry Robins is a writer, voice actor, radio host, artist and cartoonist.

But we know him best for giving life to the characters of the Half-Life series, most notably, Dr. Kleiner and all of his Black Mesa look-alikes, but he’s also voiced HECU soldiers in HL1 and Opposing Force. He’s also the voice of Valve’s answering machine!

The awesome folks from Steamcast, a podcast that talks about everything Valve related, have recently had the opportunity to talk to the man himself!

Steamcast Talks To The One And Only Harry Robins, The Voice of Dr. Kleiner

Since it’s a smaller interview and only features one of the hosts, Sam, this episode is a “Steamcast Snack”, which naturally means it is quite delicious.

It lasts around 14 minutes, and touches on quite a few things, including the various books he has written, some of the radio shows he does, and many others.

Check it out over at Steamcast’s official site:


  1. Noooooo fiddlesnicks, what now?

  2. I love Harry. <3

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