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Steam Wallet – Beta Released

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For a moment, I thought this was FINALLY something to rectify that disastrous 1 dollar = 1 euro idea.

It isn’t, but it’s actually pretty interesting.

Steam Wallet – Beta Released

Valve have just launched the Steam Wallet Beta.

Steam Wallet is a new Steamworks feature that allows you to directly put money from your credit/debit card to the Steam Wallet.

You can then use the funds in your Steam Wallet to directly buy games.

On one hand, this is awesome.

On the second, this ushers a WHOOOOLE new era of account phishing.

We haven’t tried this out yet, but apparently it isn’t very… secure. No PIN or password.

Apparently, you also can’t send Steam Wallet funds to a friend’s account, though this is probably intentional and won’t be added, due to the various problems, to say the least, that could arise from such a feature.

Check it out, if you want, but for now, we’re sticking with our credit/debit cards.

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  1. Ha, the image is of Fuijure the Sailor duck, the guy who kisses Quentin Lowagies ass!

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