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Steam Greenlights Second Set Of 20 Community-Supported Games (Including A Source Mod Or Two)

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Back in my day, you had to work hard to get yourself a video game! But these days, you whippersnappers… oh. Yes, apparently, you have to work to get games off Steam Greenlight, and onto Steam itself. Even if for the average Steam user, it’s as simple as clicking the big “Yes” button, for the project starters and supporters, it’s an undeniably complex and perhaps difficult process. But today, it seems to have paid off for 20 lucky Greenlight projects, which have been approved for official distribution on the Steam store. And surprisingly, there are a couple of Source-based projects nestled in there!

Steam Greenlights Second Set Of 20 Community-Supported Games (Including A Source Mod Or Two)

In an exciting new announcement which they’ve been leading up to since last month, Valve revealed the names of the 20 games which have been greenlit for Steam distribution by the community. This is the second wave of Greenlight-approved Steam releases, and it’s certainly the biggest; as the first wave, which was revealed last month, only included 10 games. Well, let’s get to it:

This second wave of titles was originally targeted to include at least 10 titles. Given the number and quality of games submitted, and the ship date of many of the top-ranking titles, the decision was made to increase the size of this group. (See full list below.)

Steam Greenlight is a new platform feature that enlists the community’s help in selecting some of the next games to be released on Steam. Launched on August 30, Greenlight allows developers and publishers to post information and media about their game in an effort to convince Community members that their game should be released on Steam.

Like the first set, this second set of titles to launch via Greenlight will be released independently in the months ahead (as they are varying stages of completion).
For more information, please visit

Greenlight’s Second Set of Titles…

  • Afterfall InSanity Extended Edition
  • AirBuccaneers
  • Blockscape
  • Contrast
  • Fly’n
  • Folk Tale
  • Forge
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Project Giana)
  • Gnomoria
  • Interstellar Marines
  • Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
  • Miasmata
  • Miner Wars 2081
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch
  • Perpetuum
  • Secrets of Grindea
  • The Intruder
  • The Stanley Parable: HD Remix
  • Yogventures!

Sounds pretty good, I have to say. This is definitely a great bunch of games, with a lot of variety – personally, I’m particularly excited to see Octodad 2 and Contrast on here.

There’s also 4 Source-based projects on this list, so I’m going to go through them one by one.

The first is Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth, a free HL2 mod set in the Half-Life universe, shortly after the Seven Hour War. The gameplay doesn’t seem to be too different from what HL2 offers (although there are some fancy new weapons), but the environments are definitely much more ambitious, both from a graphical standpoint as well as a gameplay standpoint. It seems to have a fair bit of development time left, but so far, it looks very promising. The title could use some work, though: “last days of Earth“, you say? How can that be when Half-Life 2 itself shows us that the Earth lives on for another half-decade? Although I suppose that maybe my preferred substitute, “The Bad Hair Days of Earth” simply doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Therefore, I concede.

In any case, the second is NEOTOKYO°, a free Source-based multiplayer game set in 2040s Japan, smack dab in the middle of a bloody civil war. It’s heavily influenced by classic cyberpunk fiction like Ghost in the Shell and Akira. It was originally released in July of 2009, but since that original release, player numbers have dwindled, and the original development team has fragmented some. However, they have reunited, and are currently hard at work on a brand new update for the game, featuring all sorts of new goodies which they’re not talking about just yet. Combine that with this upcoming Steam distribution, and it seems like NEOTOKYO might just be on its way back. Color me excited!

The third is… drum roll, please: The Stanley Parable: HD Remix, a re-make/re-release/re-something of last year’s HL2 modding classic. Unlike the previous two, this one is an independent, commercially-distributed Source game set for release some time in early 2013. Cakebread hasn’t yet made up his mind regarding the HD Remix’s pricing – although he is aiming for a very accessible price. Until then, feast your eyes on these unbelievably imaginative teasers that he’s put together for the HD Remix.

And the fourth and last Source-based project in this new Greenlight approval wave is The Intruder: a non-linear survival-horror game, in which you have no more than a few in-game days to prepare yourself and your house for an encounter with the eponymous and mysterious Intruder. This is not your average Slender clone, here – this looks to be a very interesting and innovative take on survival-horror gameplay, and with a huge amount of potential replayability, to boot. It’s set for release some time next year, but there’s currently no word on the game’s pricing. It doesn’t have a “free to play” tag, so there’s a strong chance that like The Stanley Parable: HD Remix, it might also be a commercial Source project. In any case, I am eagerly looking forward to playing it!

In any case, this second wave of Greenlit games is living proof that Greenlight is much more of a success than many of us initially thought, when it first launched in late August. That said, I’m not sure if we’re going to be as impressed by future waves, as we were by these first two. That said, there’s still a handful of great projects that Valve have got to buzz through some time soon – so I’m looking forward to seeing what the third wave of Greenlit games will bring us.

And beyond that, let’s just hope some of these games get directly released on Steam before the year is out; so far, the only Greenlit game to actually be released on Steam has been McPixel. Don’t be afraid, devs – I played the new XCOM. I can handle anything, now.

Thanks to Marcus Wright for helping me out with information on The Intruder.


  1. Royzo (creator of The Intruder) said that he was in contact with Valve about a Source license, in which they replied that he should put it on greenlight to “see if it a good investment first”

    Which means it won’t be your run-to-the-mill mod

  2. No Faceless, wtf?

  3. Off-topic: LambdaGen stories always have the coolest banners!

  4. The question now is, has the rate of new games per month increased with Greenlight?

  5. Extremely happy with the possible revive of NeoTokyo. Some really good looking stuff on that list.

  6. Hooray! I played Stanley Parable for the first time just the other day, and loved it. Curious how the deisgner will expand the idea into a full game.

  7. It’s great to see “The Stanley Parable” in there – I was anxiously waiting for it to be Greenlit.

  8. Really looking forward to the stanley remake, seems absolutely gorgeuous. The HL2 mod also looks great, amazed to play all this stuff.

  9. Awesome! So glad I voted up The Stanley Parable and Contrast. Looking forward to what’s next for Greenlight.

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