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Steam Game Releases: August 9-13

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Steam news has been slow this week, there’s a new beta and some updates, but nothing huge. In fact, maybe I’ll talk about Irrational or id and the awesome projects they’re working on, but Alex wouldn’t approve. Oh no. He would stand up from his editorial desk in the LambdaGen dirigible, curse the almighty winds (we like to keep our windows open up here), stomp over to my corner cubicle, and slap me across the face. “What about Valve? What about the community? Look at what you’ve done! Is there anything you have created? Can you name even one thing?” he would shout.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the news!  It’s after the jump! You know, that little “more” button over there. Go ahead and click it.

Steam Game Releases: August 9-13

Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year Edition

[Release] August 9, 2010
[Developer] Popcap
[Genre] Family, Strategy
[Features] Singeplayer, Achievements

Horrid Henry

[Release] August 9, 2010
[Developer] Asylum
[Genre] Family
[Features] Singeplayer

Puzzle Quest 2

[Release] August 12, 2010
[Developer] Infinite Interactive
[Genre] Family, Casual, RPG
[Features] Singeplayer, Multiplayer, Achievements, Stats

Burn Zombie Burn!

[Release] August 12, 2010
[Developer] doublesix
[Genre] Action
[Features] Singeplayer, Achievements, Leaderboards, Steam Cloud, Controller Enabled

Victoria II

[Release] August 13, 2010
[Developer] Paradox Interactive
[Genre] Strategy
[Features] Multiplayer

There’s also a sale going on now to celebrate QuakeCon 2010. There’s a new game everyday, and they’ve already gone through Oblivion, Doom, and today is Fallout 3.

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