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Steam Game Releases: August 16th – 20th

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There’s been some stuff happening on Steam lately. Like maybe… I don’t know… How about more Madballs DLC! Try to keep your pants on while clicking the “more” button!

And I definitely didn’t just remember to write this because of Vic’s comment in the latest roundup. No sir, I was prepared.

Steam Game Releases: August 16th – 20th


Right now you can pick up STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, and the third game in the franchise for only $10 here.


Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days


[Release] August 17, 2010
[Developer] IO Interactive
[Genre] Action
[Features] Singeplayer, Multiplayer, Co-op

Swarm Arena


[Release] August 19, 2010
[Developer] Dedication Games
[Genre] Action, Casual, Indie
[Features] Singeplayer, Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Controller Enabled

City of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection


[Release] August 20, 2010
[Developer] Paragon Studios
[Genre] Massively Multiplayer, Action, Adventure, RPG
[Features] Singeplayer, Multiplayer, MMO, Co-op

Demolition Company


[Release] Aug 20, 2010
[Developer] Giants Software
[Genre] Building Wrecker
[Features] Singeplayer, Controller Enabled

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