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Steam Autumn Sale Kicks Off

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Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s that time of the year; the time everyone forgets about the financial crisis, the energy crisis, and the impending Second Cold War, as the Americans eat big birds and celebrate Black Friday, and everyone else… does absolutely nothing.

But Valve doesn’t like that. No, they want everyone else to get some of that Thanksgiving action too. No food, but instead, there’s cheap games. I think that’s a decent trade-off.

Steam Autumn Sale Kicks Off

Introducing the Steam Autumn Sale! Lasting until the 27th, it brings the usual: amazing daily deals, and TONS of sale-long discounts on across most publishers’ catalogs. No gift/ticket stuff this year, which is a shame, because I really wanted a little turkey hat in TF2. He’d make “gobble-gobble” sounds everytime a Sniper shoots you in the head.

Today’s daily deals are pretty impressive. The Sam & Max Complete Pack is 75% off, CoD: Black Ops is 50% off, Duke Forever is 66% off, the whole Mass Effect series is 75% off, some other games, and, most importantly, Portal 2 is a full 66% off its $30 price. People who haven’t bought Portal 2? This is gonna be your lucky day. There’s only 10 hours left to get these deals, so jump on them while you can.

Also take a look at some of the other discounts, but remember – if you find something that ISN’T being discounted in a daily deal, then wait all the way until the very last day to see if it ever becomes a daily deal by the end of the sale, and only then, if it’s still not in a daily deal, should you buy it.

That’s about it. Head on out to the Steam Store, and kick some discount ass. Although I have no idea why you’d want to kick a discount’s ass, but I just wanted to encourage you guys. Okay, okay, let’s go the Ghostbusters route…: “Now go and rest, our heroes!”. Ugh, that was even worse.


  1. Byebye money!

  2. You Bulgarian?

  3. I still like your writing style Vic, keep it coming!
    Also I love these kinds of sales, too bad I got all the games I wanted in the previous one.

  4. Argh! Steam, y u no accept BGN :I

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