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[Slightly, But Not Completely] Breaking News: Portal 2 Achievements Leaked – Spoilers, Including A Major Half-Life Story Twist

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Achievement leaks! Don’t ya love em?

There are some pretty major spoilers, folks, so watch out!

[Slightly, But Not Completely] Breaking News: Portal 2 Achievements Leaked – Spoilers, Including A Major Half-Life Story Twist

Thanks to, we now have a full list of Portal 2 achievements! A total of 50 achievements are featured in Portal 2, which is, naturally, quite a lot!

Let’s go ahead and talk about them, shall we? Last chance to anyone who doesn’t want parts of the game spoiled.

Our notes will be included after each achievement.

Pit Boss: Show that pit who’s boss.

    – Uh… alright.

Preservation of Mass: Break the rules in Test Chamber 07

    – This was almost another “yeah… alright”, before we noticed that the achievement’s picture features what seems to be the Companion Cube… with wings! Now that is pretty hardcore.

Pturretdactyl: Use an Aerial Faith Plate to launch a turret

    – What can I say? That’s pretty cool.

– Lunacy: That just happened

    – hahaha what. The achievement’s picture is some sort of moon or asteroid, part of it obscured by darkness.

– Drop Box: Place a cube on a button without touching the cube

    – That’s pretty easy.

– Overclocker: Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds

    – Uh-huh.

– No Hard Feelings: Save a turret from redemption

    – The picture features a Portal stickman, holding a very small turret, his back turned towards a fairly large fire.

– Schrodinger’s Catch: Catch a blue-painted box before it touches the ground.

    – Heh, that’s pretty funny. Wait – a box? Do they mean the same box we saw in the Sixense Motion Pack trailer?

– Ship Overboard: Discover the missing experiment

    – As you can see from the fact that we threw italic and bold all over this particular achievement, it’s pretty important. Read it and you’ll figure out why. The picture shows a ship’s anchor, with a bit of cut off rope still tied to it. Anyone else feel extremely excited now?

– Final Transmission: Find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man’s dens

    – Yay! “Transmission Received” is back!

– Good Listener: Take GLaDOS’ escape advice

   – The picture shows a mouse trap with a bit of tasty cheese on it. This and the title imply we’re inadvertently walking into a trap by following this “escape advice”. Note that Wheatley wanted to go, with Chell, to some sort of “sealed-off place they didn’t want nobody to find” on the other side of GLaDOS’s chamber.

– Scanned Alone: Stand in a defective turret detector

   – The picture shows a stick man standing in front of a turret’s laser.

– The Part Where He Kills You: This is that part

  – Oh, snap. Who could it be? And why does the title imply inevitability? This can’t be the end of Chell’s journey, can it?

– Bridge Over Troubling Water: Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test

  – Come on, dammit. Next story achievement!

– SaBOTour: Make a break for it

  – The picture shows a stickman running away, holding a Personality Core. Or Sphere. Whichever you prefer.

– Stalemate Associate: Press the button!

  – The picture for this particular achievement shows a Personality Core with a crown on top of its shiny… well, body.

– Wake Up Call: Survive the manual override

  – The picture shows a dusty old telephone, with a small cobweb on it. Could this be the opening “motel room” sequence?

– You Monster: Reunite with GLaDOS

  – Self-explanatory.

– Undiscouraged: Complete the first Thermal Discouragement Beam test

  – Also self-explanatory.

White Out: Complete the first Conversion Gel test

  – This appears to be the brand new gel type Erik Wolpaw hinted at in a GTTV interview. The title implies it’s white, and the picture implies it’s a gel you can throw on any surface, then put a Portal on it, thus bypassing the black-tiled surfaces that do not support Portals.

Tunnel of Funnel: Master the Excursion Funnel

  – Could be a “mandatory” achievement, oddly enough.

– Dual Pit Experiment: Do the same test twice

  – Strange, but whatever.

– Tater Tote: Carry science forward

  – The picture shows a potato. No, I’m not joking.

– Vertically Unchallenged: Master the Repulsion Gel

  – Fairly self-explanatory. Could be a “mandatory” achievement, though we can’t really tell.

– Stranger Than Friction: Master the Propulsion Gel

  – Same thing.

Next up come the Coop achievements. We’ll be skipping through most of these and only showing you the special ones.

– Party of Three: Find the hidden companion cube in co-op test chambers

  – Interesting!

– Portrait of a Lady: Find a hidden portrait

  – Interesting! Could we encounter one of those “art galleries” in the coop campaign as well?

That’s all of the interesting co-op achievements.

For the others we didn’t talk about, for the Gamerscore counts, and for all the achievement pictures, head over here.


  1. The box is just the Weighted Storage Cubes. Remember that things coated with repulsion gel fling around.

  2. Holy crap this is exciting! Great find!

  3. So can we say the Black Mesa connection is still there?

    Some people thought it was taken out.

    Waterer , we will see.

  4. Hmm.. That’s clearly interesting. I wouldn’t call say thy got ‘leaked’ though.

  5. do want nao.

  6. I’m not reading the archivments do i dont spoil it!

  7. “Good Listener: Take GLaDOS’ escape device

    – The picture shows a mouse trap with a bit of tasty cheese on it. This and the title imply we’re inadvertently walking into a trap by picking up this “escape device”.”

    Read the achievements again, its ADVICE not DEVICE.

    -Senne Teddy

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