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Rooster Teeth’s Immersion – Episode 7: Zombie Headshots, Featuring Left 4 Dead

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Immersion is an online show created by the awesome folks at Rooster Teeth.

In it, they test various things seen in games.

Things like “does random food heal you” or “can you run around with a massive Doom-style inventory”. In a way, it’s like Mythbusters, only significantly more awesome.

Rooster Teeth’s Immersion – Episode 7: Zombie Headshots, Featuring Left 4 Dead

This week, they released Episode 7 of the show, titled “Zombie Headshots”. In this episode, they test whether or not the average Joe on the street could just pick up any weapon off the street, during a zombie apocalypse, and instantly start handing out headshots.

Gus plays the part of Ellis, a mechanic who might have fired guns before, Geoff plays the part of Bill, as the army veteran who last fired a gun over 10 years ago, and Griffon plays the part of Rochelle, the girl with zero firearm experience. Who will survive?

It’s a well-done test, as the three use real guns similar to the ones seen in L4D, on not-so-real zombies, with watermelons for heads.

Check it out!

If you enjoyed this, why not check out Immersion in the future? Here’s the link.

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