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Rooster Teeth Turns Their Exit Door into a L4D Safe Room Door

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Ordinarily, I would joke around about how the pictures were actually taken at our office or something, but this is just too awesome.

Rooster Teeth Turns Their Exit Door into a L4D Safe Room Door

Rooster Teeth are known for creating the first blockbuster machinima series: “Red vs Blue”, on Halo. Since then, they’ve done plenty of other things, on plenty of other games.

At LambdaGeneration, we’ve got a fierce attitude of “f**k the system, man”, so naturally, we don’t really like Halo. At all. But Rooster Teeth love Left 4 Dead, so they’re cool.

To show how much they love Left 4 Dead, they have turned their studio exit door into an actual safe room door, from L4D.

Yes, you read that right. Here’s a pic:

Hot damn.

For more pictures, check out their link, over at Reddit.

Finally, an excuse to have Geoff Ramsey in a featured image. You should check out the RoosterTeeth podcast, the Drunk Tank. – Pinky


  1. Nice. What’d really impress me if they went all out on it and instead of painting their existing door, knock that one down and BUILD the Left 4 Dead Safe Room door.

    That’d be impressive.

  2. Their studio is now zombie-proof in case of an apocalypse.

  3. Awesome!

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