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Robin Walker Mentions “Half-Life 3” As A Placeholder Example During A GDC Presentation On Hiring And Developer Tactics

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Pull out your thermometers, everyone, because we’re all in Hell, and someone from Valve finally said those three magic words: Half, Life and Three.

Robin Walker Mentions “Half-Life 3” As A Placeholder Example During A GDC Presentation On Hiring And Developer Tactics

Now, don’t take this as any sort of announcement. It is not, and we must stress this fact.

Robin Walker used “Half-Life 3” as a placeholder example for a future Valve game during a GDC presentation about what kind of people Valve hires.

The news originally came on the Facepunch forums, by Mr.Chop, here and here.

It was confirmed by Robin Walker at GDC yesterday that it is called Half Life 3, not Half-Life 2: Episode 3. It is going to be a full length title, not an episode.

This is when most of us accidentally released our bowels.

It was not an announcement. The project was addressed informally as Half Life 3 during a presentation on developer tactics and prerequisites for getting hired.

And this is when most of us went to the bathroom and cleaned up, while crying our eyes out.

Norek, a regular poster on the Steam Forums, e-mailed Robin himself about it, and kindly sent a screencap of his reply our way! Here it is.

What did Robin say, you ask?

I did mention HL3 in a presentation about what kind of people we hire, but used it solely as a placeholder for a future Valve product. That context was clear in the presentation.

Well, you heard it from the man himself!

Take it easy on the rampant speculation, though! Remember, this is no announcement, nor is it proof of an impending announcement.

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  1. I am very intrigued.

  2. You can add this to my list of signs of an incoming HL3.

    ^This *wipes tears from face

  4. Commenter AvatarSlipperyWhenWet5March 5th 2011 at 7:35pm

    You mean the highly succesful and optional microtransaction store?

  5. I don’t like this Walker guy.
    Not after what he did to TF2.

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