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Re-Experience The Half-Life Series With PlanetPhillip’s TREE Event

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[Phillip has just added the Black Mesa Inbound post. Check it out!]

It’s been a looong while since I thoroughly replayed the entire Half-Life series. I’d imagine it’s been like that for most of the fanbase, which is a shame. Games like Half-Life 1 and 2 should not be exiled to the most distant corners of our memory, only being brought into the light along with a pair of rose-tinted spectacles, just as the planets align. The games themselves, as well as their complex backstories, extensive fan interpretations and theories, should always be at the forefront of the fan’s mind.

But it can be rather hard to do that, when one doesn’t even know how soon we can expect to hear if that peculiar case of the missing Half-Life threequel, has been resolved. Then again, we sometimes have to face the facts: it’s going to be a while until Valve deems the next installment in the Half-Life franchise fit to see the light of day. So why not make the most of that time? Why not ensure that you’ll be prepared for when the monitor flares with the light of that familiar yellow logo? Read on!

Re-Experience The Half-Life Series With PlanetPhillip’s TREE Event

Introducing: PlanetPhillip’s “The Replay Experience Experiment”, a complex gaming event designed especially for the Half-Life community. Starting the 1st of June, and lasting all throughout the summer, Phillip will be creating special posts for each of the Half-Life games’ distinct chapters, including factual details, trivia, and selected media.

He will then post his thoughts, opinions and interpretations regarding the chapter in question, in a comment on that particular post. About 3-4 days later (there’s no actual posting schedule), he will then create the next chapter’s post – and so on and so forth, until the entire Half-Life series is finished (all of the games that have been released for the PC will be a part of the event, and that includes HL: Uplink and HL2: Lost Coast, but not HL: Decay).

Phillip is inviting all to participate in the event by playing the games alongside him, and posting their own thoughts and feelings on the respective game chapters, in those posts’ commenting sections. If you so wish, you can even include images or videos – check out TREE’s official webpage for more info.

I will be participating in the event myself, providing my own (hopefully interesting) commentary on each of the Half-Life games’ chapters. In addition, William (my colleague over at Podcast 17) will also be participating, but he’ll be doing things a little differently – he’ll be sharing his thoughts through a series of Let’s Play videos on the Podcast 17 YouTube channel. Within the videos, he’s also going to be showing off an assortment of Half-Life “traditions of the trade”, so to speak – or in layman’s terms, a variety of Half-Life bugs and tricks.

The first, and so far, only chapter Phillip has gone through is Half-Life 1’s Hazard Course – which means that if you want to get a head start on the event, now is the time. Get your HL1 installed, and get ready to re-run Half-Life!

In other PlanetPhillip-related news – ElevatorVille, the second mini-contest in his 6×10 Mapping Competition, has just kicked off. If you want to get involved, you might want to hurry, as it is set to end on the 11th of June. 6×10 itself, however, will continue with 4 other mini-competitions until the 15th of October. In addition, he has already released DoorVille, the mod/mappack resulting from 6×10’s very first mini-contest, so be sure to check that out as well. But if you’re not big into Half-Life modding, consider checking out this in-depth YouTube video, featuring some of PlanetPhillip’s most highly-rated HL2 mod releases.

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  1. Great idea. I wish I had more time to read everything, but I’ll be popping by every once in a while if something interests me.

  2. I thought I was going to write just a simple sentence or two, but I ended up writing four paragraphs about Black Mesa Inbound. :S

  3. Alex! You stole my thought and left me with no comment to write! lol
    Is it bad that I never finished Half-life? AND that I didn’t play ep 2 yet?

  4. Interesting. I’ll definitely follow this event.

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