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Quick, Everybody Rage! Overwatch Now Features Zombies*

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That’s right! Everybody’s favorite Half-Life 2 mod that isn’t even out yet now features zombies! In fact, it only features zombies!* And anti-gravity socks!* More exclamation points and asterisks after the jump!

Quick, Everybody Rage! Overwatch Now Features Zombies*

Nah, they’re just trolling us. Strangely, they didn’t do this around April Fools time, so at least they were smart enough to put a big “This is fake,” message at the bottom of the news post. There’s not really anything new regarding the mod, but there is a somewhat private beta going on.

I haven’t played it yet, but I’m interested to see how it pans out. Here’s the trailer.

Videos & Audio – Overwatch Mod for Half-Life 2 – Mod DB

I still find it funny that the guy used a horse’s crotch for cover.

*Mod may not contain these items, but there are vampires.

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