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Presenting: Christmas With LambdaGeneration… Again!

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We’ve just entered the merry month of December. What are we going to do about it? Well, apart from playing the CS:GO beta, and being cautiously optimistic about the upcoming VGA’s, I don’t think there’s anything else that we have lined u- Oh! That! Yes, yes.

Presenting: Christmas With LambdaGeneration… Again!

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and we here at LambdaGeneration have not forgotten. Which is why we’re going to be doing another one of special Christmas treats. Remember last year’s advent calendar? Well, we’ve got another one for you this year, but this time it’s really different, and it’s a lot more awesome. Check this new calendar out right here. Keep in mind that it’s inactive right now, with no open windows – the next segment of it is set to open at precisely 12PM GMT, tomorrow. Check back every day at 12PM GMT for another open segment. The calendar ends on the 25th of the December, with an awesome surprise as a great Christmas present for you guys.

Any and all feedback is completely welcome. You’ve got an idea? Toss it in the comments section and we’ll take a look at it. We’re also working on creating a new Christmas site theme, but that might take a bit more. We’ll also add a link in the sidebar, to replace the “One Year of LambdaGeneration” link currently on there. And we’re planning on getting Tweets out every day, as soon as a new segment is opened in the calendar. Well, to be fair, it’s not a calendar any longer, is it?

Well, no matter! Hope you guys enjoy it!


  1. ah … its almost x-mas … 2h left *GMT+1* … cant wait for x-mas special … *keep pressing F5 on x-mas page*


  3. Hey, the light and the sign are gone!

  4. haha … thx for the cheers …

    @Mod : my name was added TWICE … 1st time : as 3rd of whole list *wow … thx =D* … and 2nd time at very end …

    *i looked in source-code*

    its a bit … unfair to all others if i listed twice … pls correct to satisfy all members of one of the best groups ever

    HL ftw

  5. Will the Christmas special be a ‘new-look’ to the site?
    Not that it’s necessary at all, just speculating here.
    But yeah that’s a pretty sexy idea with the calendar, I’ll be sure to tune in everyday.

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