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“Potato Sack” Indie Game Pack Now Available on Steam

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The 1st of April is a great day. When boys go to girls and say “wuv u” and the- wait. That’s the other one? Oh, right.

Back to business. Gamers were surprised to see that on April Fools, quite a few of their games were mysteriously updated. Inside these updates were… potatoes.

No, really. Potatoes. 13 games were updated with strange potato references. All of them were indie games.

As usual, an Episode Three alternate reality game was the main suspect, because… well, because. But the truth is much more… how should I say this…

“Potato Sack” Indie Game Pack Now Available on Steam

… potato-ey? Nah, I got nothing.

A new game pack has just been revealed on the Steam Store: the “Potato Sack”.

All of those 13 games are included in this pack. Audiosurf, Amnesia, Killing Floor, Super Meat Boy, AaAaAAA, “1… 2… 3… KICK IT”, BIT.TRIP.BEAT, Cogs, Defense Grid, RUSH, The Ball, Toki Tori and the Wonderful End of the World.

The pack itself is currently at 75% off. The games themselves are all at 50% off.

Buying the pack, or owning all of the 13 games will… you guessed it… get you a lovely potato Team Fortress 2 hat.  Note that… uhh… “(Potato hat available after April 5th)”.

Now, I have no idea if that means you can’t get your hat until the 5th, or if the Potato hat will become available in-game with non-Genuine quality after the 5th. As you can see, I am particularly skilled at not being able to understand things.

Check the pack out here.

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