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Post-VGA 2011 News Report

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So, the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards have concluded. And, as you can tell from the lack of an article, Half-Life 3 or whatever kooky name we might have for it has NOT been announced. You can come out of your bomb shelters now, you can put down your Half-Life copies. Nothing’s gone down. But that won’t stop us from talking about all the awards Valve won, and the awesome short they made!

Post-VGA 2011 News Report

Portal 2, in total, won 5 awards: “Best PC Game”; “Best DLC”; “Best Multiplayer”; “Best Performance By A Human Male” and “Best Performance By A Human Female”. It also took home a whopping 12 nominations. However, it didn’t win “Best Song In A Video Game”, which absolutely sucked in my opinion. The loss of “Best Original Score” is… well, disappointing, but it didn’t win “Character Of The Year” or “Game Of The Year”, and Valve should have taken both “Studio of The Year” and “Gamer God”.

But hey, this IS the VGA’s. Did you really expect something good? Something you’d really agree with? I mean, come on, guys. Modern Warfare 3 won “Best Shooter Of The Year”. Not Serious Sam 3, which wasn’t even nominated.

However, we did get something good out of this whole ordeal! A Wheatley short for his “Character of The Year” nomination! Check this out:

Wait… where’s the Space Core? What the hell, Wheatley? What did you do to him? Answer m- Oh, the feed broke down. Well, in any case, this was a pretty great short. What I find interesting is the Russian writing on the camera feed (remember that we launched a former Soviet missile to shut down the Combine’s Superportal, back in HL2: Episode Two), and the fact that he says “1, 1, 1” instead of the Soldier’s “1, 1, 1, 1” in “Meet The Spy”, which that was a reference to. The Soldier’s mentions of the number one added up to four. Wheatley’s mentions add up to precisely the number three. Pretty interesting stuff – maybe Valve’s giving us a little heads-up? But, as for the Cyrillic lettering up at the top – well, that just means “Observational Satellite Lanthanum“. Nothing big or interesting, just a little added detail, and the rocket we launched back in EP2 was a ballistic missile, not just a satellite.

However, there’s a difference between noticing a few minor possible references… and believing that a new ARG is going on. No, I’m not joking. Some fans believe this short signals the beginning of an ARG that will lead to the reveal of the new Half-Life. Apparently G-Man’s somewhere in that film static effect, or the numbers on the right mean something… or something. Yeah, it’s just silly.

P-Body also showed up on stage in Augmented Reality form, which I thought was pretty neat. And I think that’s… probably all the stuff we can talk about. God, if only we had Black Mesa Source to keep us sane during this monstrous wait…


  1. You should see Doug Rattmann’s twitter! NEW ARG INCOMING!

  2. Fresh video from Black Mesa:
    Abrams fun –

  3. Jeez, Valve really has driven the HL fanbase insane.

  4. I’m one of those crazies that thinks it could be an ARG. Lanthanum has a half-life of 60,000 and atomic number of 57. E3’s dates for 2012 are 6/5 – 6/7. Yeah it’s a stretch but we’ve seen this level of tedium from them before. Furthermore, Lanthanum’s latin root is Lanthano – To Lie Hidden.

    There’s plenty more in here:

    I think we might, honest to gods, have an ARG situation.


  6. Awww, too bad. Well, Gabe did warn us, but I really wanted at least an announcment. Well, the more we wait, the better its going to be. Congrats VALVe to all those awards, you guys deserve it!

  7. Who says that this satellite is the one you launched in Episode 2? I’m thinking it’s part of Black Mesa’s pre-existing satellite network, that required the final one you launched at the end of On A Rail to activate and stop all the teleportation from Xen.

    • Why would Black Mesa have a network of Russian observation satellites?

      • The same reason they would have had a Soviet missile base (according to Marc Laidlaw, Black Mesa owned White Forest for years before Half-Life 1, and Magnusson was already working there at the time of the Resonance Cascade).

        • Not only is that bit of backstory non-canon, and not mentioned in any of the Half-Life games, but it still makes no sense that Black Mesa would use old Soviet observation satellites for a MODERN satellite network that is meant to function on the principles of teleportation.

  8. Well I admit, my heart sank deeply when I read this, but I should have known, I blame myself.
    Anyway Valve deserved those rewards, even more, like the ones you mention.

  9. I must say, there has been a lot of buzz about Half-Life and the number 3 lately.

    Gabe’s f*cking with us, probably.

  10. No, i will not believe another “Secret promotion” for HL Fans, they’re just trolling us as always.
    It’s been four years, bringing us hopes because of strange behaviour then breaking them.
    My last hopes were for a VGA announcement, i watch that stupid (not even funny, i mean zachary was ridiculous)
    Well i’m pissed, and screw valve.

  11. It’s definitely not a new ARG…I mean…where would you even continue from 1,1,1? You could maybe find those co-ordinates..go to there…find a single copy of half-li….I GOTTA GET A PLANE TICKET!!!

  12. As much as I want it to be true, I don’t think this’ll be a new ARG.

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