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Portal 2 – Lab Rat Comic Part 1 Released, and More Previews

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Yes, as previouslY stated, the first issue of Valve’s new “Portal 2: Lab Rat” comic is now out!

And there’s more interviews too.

What would we be without these things?

Portal 2 – Lab Rat Comic Part 1 Released, and More Previews

Let’s start with the comic, of course.

The main character is Doug Rattmann, an Aperture technician who managed to survive GLaDOS’s testing. You might remember him from his insane scribblings seen in Portal’s test chambers and maintenance areas.

The rest is for you to find out by reading the comic here.           6

Only 14 pages. Next part comes out on Monday.

Of course, there were some things we just had to talk about, such as the health and HEV stations you can spot in Doug’s third flashback, as well as the bulky gravity gun prototype. We figured Aperture was keeping a close eye on Black Mesa’s work, but not that close. There’s also something near the bottom-left corner of the screen resembling a HL2 Combine health station. Quite strange.

Moving on, IGN did a playthrough of the first few minutes of Portal 2’s co-op mode.

There are some small spoilers, of course, but it’s nothing too major, since it is the very start of the co-op mode and all.

Check it out, if you like.

Lovely stuff. And a step count? That’ll keep us entertained for hours! Strange to see a hub system in there. Perhaps it even features some sort of savegame system.

Moving on again, BeefjacK spoke to Chet FaliszeK about Gunman Chronicles 2. No, sorry – Portal 2. Yes, Portal 2.

A few minor spoilers, but this seems mostly safe and whatnot. Check it out here.

Moving on yet again, The Guardian previewed… you guessed it, Portal 2.

Now this one’s got the big spoilers. Read at your own risk, Folks! Here it is.

Digital Spy also spoke to Chet, who confirmed that Portal 2 DLC will be announced after launch. We already knew this, but it’s great to see official confirmation. Check that out here.

And CVG dug up some new Portal 2 screenshots, showing off some pretty great-looking areas of the vast Enrichment Center. Take a look.

And in Potato ARG news, the bathysphere puzzle has been decoded! No new major leads at the moment, but we’re sure the ARG isn’t over just yet. Keep an eye on the Wiki and on this handy Steam Forum thread.

That’s about all. Thanks for reading, folks. Stay tuned for more Portal 2 news and media.

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