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Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative Hits 1.3 Million Downloads; 35,000 User-Created Test Chambers; And More!

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Portal 2’s Perpetual Testing Initiative Hits 1.3 Million Downloads; 35,000 User-Created Test Chambers; And More!

Released barely two days ago, Portal 2’s latest DLC offering, the Perpetual Testing Initiative has turned out to be a pretty massive success, as heralded by a press release from Valve in which they announced some of the PeTI service’s early statistics. Apparently, over 35,000 custom puzzle levels have already been created and published over the Steam Workshop. In total, the Portal 2 playerbase have already consumed over 1.3 million test chamber downloads.

In celebration, Valve is holding a Weekend Workshop sale on the Steam Store, during which Portal 2 will remain at its Midweek Madness discount of 66% off (about 6 dollars/5 euros), Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be 33% off, and within Team Fortress 2’s in-game Mann Co Store, many of the officially released, community-created Steam Workshop items will be available for 50% off their regular price. Now that’s science for you. Quick, go buy things!

And if you haven’t had enough science within the PeTI, then allow me to provide you with some of my recommendations: CaretCaret’s “12 Angry Tests” series, which contains some of the greatest level design, puzzle gameplay and bizarre humor I have ever experienced; Jaxe’s excellent “Decay” mini-series, sporting some incredible level design, built for intermediate to skilled Portal players; Motanum’s A La Tag series, with unique and innovatie gameplay strongly focused on gel gameplay; and the Podcast 17 Community Chamber collection, encompassing all puzzle levels created by my brothers in arms and colleagues: the Podcast 17 community members.

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  1. I must say, there’s a lot of crap but also quite a few good maps out there. Too bad it doesn’t work with some kind of sync system, so you have to be online to play user generated maps.

  2. Thanks, Vic. I dunno how it works either. My friend gave me the code instead of paying me 10 bucks, just in case of an occasion such as this, and I’m setting up a dummy account

    • You only need to login to your PS3 Steam account from PC Steam (using the button in the bottom). Portal 2 will be activated automatically, and achievements will be transferred.

  3. If I have the ps3 version and have that code that allows me to play the copy on steam on my pc, can i download the initiative(for the pc version)?

    • Yes, if you punch in the PC keycode, you’ll get Portal 2 on your PC, and since the Initiative is a free DLC update, you’ll automatically download it.
      Not sure exactly how that whole Steamworks-PS3 system works, but I assume you were prompted to set up a Steam account when you first started up Portal 2 on the PS3, so you can probably log in to that from your PC.

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