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Portal 2 Repulsion Gel And Aerial Faith Plate #2

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My goodness. Valve has been cranking out the trailers and screenshots for Portal 2 like crazy over the last few weeks, and while the previous were impressive and entertaining, the newest video shows off all kinds of fancy physics, graphics, and mechanics.

Portal 2 Repulsion Gel And Aerial Faith Plate #2

I’m going to be honest and say the whole ‘liquid physics’ thing looked like a hoax since the very start. The way it was presented was gimmicky, but the new trailer should be a reassurance to those doubters. The physics are absolutely amazing, and the new glass and water effects are probably the best seen in a game.

The new mechanics certainly add more depth to the puzzles, and I’m ecstatic about getting a Portal gun back in my hands.

There’s also a new Aerial Faith Plate video.

Isn’t all of this a gimmick since it’s a video game?


  1. areal faith plate plus repulsion gel….. VERY bouncy surface or high speed flubber?

  2. Guess what, chums?

    September 2nd = NEW.

    Not covered before = NEW

    Previously not on Valve’s YT channel = NEW

    Stay tuned for PAX footage, by the way.

  3. This is so old, no offense.

  4. Didn’t even know Source was able to support realistic water/wet stuff thing…

    VALVe, you guys better give us Portal 2 now.

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