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Portal 2 – Pre-Order-Exclusive Custom Bot Skins Revealed

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Some months ago, we talked about how GameStop was accepting pre-orders for Portal 2, touting that all pre-orders would include exclusive “Custom Bot skins”.

While Steam pre-orders have still not gone live, these custom bot skins have at least been unveiled.

Portal 2 – Pre-Order-Exclusive Custom Bot Skins Revealed

You like?

These skins bear a strange similarity to the Black Mesa Robotic Loaders seen back in Half-Life 1.

Looks good! We really hope Steam pre-orders will include this. In fact, we’re pretty sure they will.


  1. LoL, this could have been better. I was also hoping for a customizable mode in the menu like the PC Steam version has. Xbox should have made that selling for Microsoft Points.

  2. Is anyone really aware of this picture?
    I’d say that these skins are the ones coming with all pre-orders.
    HL1 styled only with GameStop. Anyone with me?

  3. They Look totally wrong on atlas and p body

    well drawn but out of place even if i get them via steam i won’t use these two styles hope theres going to be more fitting options later on

  4. I was afraid that the custom bots would look childish and tacky but I am pleasantly surprised on how well the colour has been implemented! Hats off to Valve!

  5. Do not like. I hope they’re optional. If not, I won’t pre-purchase.

  6. Hats (sort of) in Portal 2!

    If you own Left 4 Dead, they get Bill’s jacket and Francis’s vest and tattoos! If you own Team Fortress 2, you get the Boolit Belt, the bullets Heavy wears across his chest! Pre-order Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and you get HEV Suit designs on the bots…eventually!

    If you don’t want to buy these games, you can always idle in the game for a few hundred hours or trade the Asimov’s Eyewear you crafted for the Boolit Belt in a Portal 2 Trade Server.

  7. Fancy.

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