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Portal 2 – Part 2 of Lab Rat Comic; ARG Continues to Rev Up, and More Previews

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The new comic is out…

…but apparently it might be the last one!

Shame, but we are just one week away from release!

Portal 2 – Part 2 of Lab Rat Comic; ARG Continues to Rev Up, and More Previews

Once again, hosted by IGN, with their less-than-stellar comic layout. Do not fret, it’s readable, and Valve should be hosting the comic on the Portal 2 website shortly.

The comic is… well, it’s great.

While the last part did force fans to rethink certain storyline-related things, both in the Portal world, and in the Half-Life world, this one really shakes up some stuff.

Check the comic out before reading on, right here at IGN.

Read it? Let’s talk story!

As can be seen, the Morality Core did not stop GLaDOS from flooding the Center with neurotoxin on “Bring your Cat to Work Day”, and not “Bring your Daughter to Work Day”, contradicting the timeline Valve released through Game Informer in March of last year. The fact that she still floods the Center contradicts what she said in Portal 1.

Interestingly, it would appear that Doug Rattmann might not have been a test subject at first. It also implies Chell was the first test subject, as Doug bumps her to the 1st place on the testing list. I have no idea what GLaDOS was doing for all those years, since she killed everyone else in the facility, unless she just used survivors or used DNA from the dead people to create clones.

And it also reveals Rattmann died just after GLaDOS’ destruction. Strange, since it would appear that someone had been messing around with the facility after that, and since Chell is the only test subject alive in the entire facility, as Doug routed the last remaining power to her cryo-room (strange, since Wheatley is the caretaker of Aperture’s “smelly humans”), who on Earth could it be?

Retcons are annoying, so let’s hope these are the last of them.

It might be the last part, which is a shame. In any case, the comic had a good run, and we’ve enjoyed it!

Second of all, the Potato ARG continues!

Following the discovery of some mysterious Aperture log-in screens that can only be accessed if certain tasks are accomplished in each of the 13 Potato Sack games, the ARG players have worked hard to find the passwords, also hidden in the Potato Sack games.

Finding all of these screens and inputting the correct password will get you a potato on your Steam profile, and one ZIP file containing some amazing Portal 2 concept art and box art!

It would appear this particular phase of the ARG has now entered stand-by, but we’re sure it’s not quite over yet.

You’ll find all the information you need on the log-in screens and the concept art here, on the Valve ARG Wiki. There’s a wealth of info on there, so take a look around. There’s also a lovely summary on the Steam Forums, in the form of this thread.

EA Nordic has created their very own Portal 2 page. We’ve managed to discover one new set of co-op skins; the “Antenna Topper” skins. The site mentions Webhallen as a location to get these skins from, but since it’s the Nordic site, we don’t know if these are available anywhere else.It’s also got its own flash game – the “Cube Retrieval System” game. Check the site out here.

Preview time… again.

First off, SPOnG spoke to Chet Faliszek. An informative little interview, but it’s got some spoilers. If you do decide to take a look at it, watch out. Link is here.

And online magazines Qore (for the PS3) and Inside Xbox (for the… take a guess) also checked out Portal 2. We haven’t really found any spoilers, but apparently there is a bit of new footage, so you should take care when watching.

Qore preview is here, Inside Xbox preview is here.

Aaaaand that’s that!

Thank you for reading! And no, no more secret messages in this article.

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  1. I think I’ve spoiled Portal 2 WAY too much… Or am I wrong? :/

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