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Portal 2 – GameStop Announces Pre-Order

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That’s pretty quick.

Portal 2 – GameStop Announces Pre-Order

Well, uh… GameStop has announced that you can now pre-order Portal 2 at their site and stores.

They’ve also got a pre-order bonus: “GameStop exclusive Custom Bots”.

Don’t fret, folks. Valve would never do this “buy here, get this, buy there, get that” crap. These Custom Bots will most likely be available from the Steam Store as well.

Strangely, you also save $4 off the old price, though the pre-orders ship on March 31st.

Yeah, we’ll wait for the Steam Store.


  1. And I will also be able to get it on day 1 since I preordered through the store.

  2. I preordered mine months ago. It’s always been available since the announcement that you could get it from the store. So looks like I will be getting steam stuff and new coop bots 😀 (unless valve announces something cooler that is steam exclusive, which I doubt since steam doesnt support 360… yet. So they wouldn’t want to be unfair to them)

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