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Portal 2: Final Investment Video Released, Pre-Load Now Available, And New Phase In The Potato ARG

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Note: Some very interesting developments in the ARG have just taken place. We are currently writing an article talking about these. Stay tuned.

No time for witty lead-ins!

Portal 2: Final Investment Video Released, Pre-Load Now Available, And New Phase In The Potato ARG

Valve released the final Investment Video this week, featuring Boots.

Boots are essentially a replacement for Portal 1’s Advanced Knee Replacement, which, interestingly, can be seen being ripped off of Chell’s legs as she is dragged off the Aperture parking lot in the Lab Rat comic.

Fashionable! Nice to see they closed the series with a great clip.

Moving on – the Portal 2 pre-load has now gone live! This means buyers can download the game files (encrypted, so don’t get any funny ideas) right now, and be ready to play almost immediately on launch.

So, got the HDD space? Start pre-loading!

Third up is the Potato ARG. It has really ramped up this time around, as Portal-themed levels have been added to almost all of the 13 Potato Sack games. New clues have been uncovered, and some new tasks have been found in the games. Accomplishing these tasks will get you more Aperture log-in screens, except this time they aren’t really log-in screens, they’re “audio transmission” screens. These new tasks are harder, and some games have more than one.

The Potato Sack is now promising Portal 2 potato-themed Bot skins for all buyers as well, bringing the total number of known Bot skin packs to four.

In addition, some of the more notable ARG participants appear to have been “infected” or “kidnapped”, if you will, including Saurabh, host of Steamcast. Some of them are being used for the ARG, leaving strange clues around.

It’s all quite complex, and no one knows where this is leading to exactly. Our bets are on an early Portal 2 release on Steam.

For more, go to the Valve ARG and read up!

Amazon has also released previews of songs from the Portal 2 soundtracks! “Robots FTW”, which you can find here is a very energetic, almost industrial-sounding song. “Reconstructing Science”, which can be listened to here, is the song we all know and love from Portal 2’s gameplay trailers.

And let’s skim through some previews!

CVG talked to Chet, who described Portal 2 as Valve’s “absolute best single-player game”. Interesting! We’d reserve that title for HL2, but we haven’t played Portal 2 yet, so who knows? Link is here.

And GameSpot also previewed Portal 2, in video form! Quite the spoiler-filled video, so watch out. Check it out here.

And with that, I bid you adieu, my friends! Release draws closer, so prepare yourselves!


  1. Anyone know what this is for?

  2. Extremely exciting stuff! Valve is doing one hell of a job for releasing this game.

  3. Sweet round-up, thanks

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