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Portal 2 DLC #1 Set For Mid-September, Still Free On All Platforms

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Portal 2 DLC #1 Set For Mid-September, Still Free On All Platforms

Doug Lombardi, speaking with Kotaku at Gamescom 2011, stated that Portal 2’s upcoming DLC pack #1, will be released in mid-September. Doug assured Kotaku that that’s “still technically summer”, and we are hoping the same goes for L4D2’s Cold Stream DLC, which was similarly set for “summer”. We are definitely wanting the Portal 2 DLC more than anything L4D2 could offer, but both DLC packs were set for summer, and since they’re two nearly completely different games, with separate teams within Valve, it’s a bit odd that they’re both getting close to seeing a release in autumn.


  1. Except that young players have school then. WHY.
    But more Portal? Seems legit for me.

  2. I hope we will get to play with the Pneumatic Diversity Vents.

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