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Portal 2 at GamesCom: Even More Footage! (Update: Part 2)

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IGN comes to the rescue with HD footage. Seems to mostly be similar to what was seen in the previous video, shot at the same backstage showing.

Portal 2 at GamesCom: Even More Footage! (Update: Part 2)

Looks great!


  1. At first I preferred the original Wheatley but, knowing Lord was only a placeholder, was happy about Merchant getting the role.

    After watching this higher quality footage I’m starting to prefer Merchant. Not sure whether it’s the improved audio quality or just the repetition, but it’s good to know it won’t bother me while playing.

    February can’t come soon enough!

    • Yeah, all the whining about Merchant is silly. This is only one map we’re hearing him in, and I’m sure he’ll do an amazing job. I mean, he’s Stephen Merchant!

  2. Great to see more footage. Hopefully Valve will keep this stuff coming!

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