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Podcast 17 To Interview Lead Developer of Hypovolemia

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[UPDATE: The recording is over. Stay tuned to the P17 YouTube and/or the P17 website to download the recording of Episode #189.]

In July of 2010, Valve released Alien Swarm, a free-to-play, top-down co-operative action game. Previously known as “Alien Swarm: Infested“, it had been in development since 2005 (and was meant to be a follow-up to the original Alien Swarm, for Unreal Tournament 2004).

While it was an undeniably solid game, for Valve it might have represented an experiment in how modding works: “If we give the modders a free game and free tools, but offer little support, will they keep the game alive?”.

It was an interesting question, and one they have hopefully found an answer for. Make no mistake – Alien Swarm‘s community may be tiny, but it is extremely active. And what better proof of this than the mod I am about to show you?

Podcast 17 To Interview Lead Developer of Hypovolemia

Meet Hypovolemia. Two years in the making, it is an action-packed, multiplayer third-person shooter. No co-op here, as you’ll only find friends in the massive arsenal of guns that Hypovolemia offers. It has just entered public alpha status, with the 0.1 release already available for download. It’s unbelievably fun, and it feels so different from Alien Swarm, that I honestly have no idea how these guys crammed so many new mechanics, features, and systems in here.

While 0.1 is a great release, it is only a taste of what is to come. The dev team will continue supporting the mod all the way through to its final releases: adding new game modes, new maps, new weapons, increasing game stability, and re-balancing the gameplay.

And that seems to be precisely why Podcast 17 is going to be interviewing the lead developer of Hypovolemia: Pavle “defragen1” Bodi. The interview is set to take place in approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes (at 6PM CST/7PM EDT/12AM GMT+1), as part of Episode #189.

Check out the Podcast 17 Steam Group, but also keep an eye on the Podcast 17 YouTube, as we’ll be streaming live from there. Yes, you can actually do that now. No, I didn’t know either. Yes, I do think Google is evil – didn’t they try to buy out Valve 4 years ago?

Until the show, take a look at this free-for-all deathmatch gameplay video of Hypovolemia, taken by the P17 crew and community:

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  1. when it releases it will be downoloadble on steam??

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