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PlanetPhillip’s New Mapping Competition Announced: “Teamville 1: East vs West”

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In the quest for more community material…

PlanetPhillip’s New Mapping Competition Announced: “Teamville 1: East vs West”

… I’ve finally found some great news!

Phillip, over at good old PlanetPhillip, has just announced his new mapping competition, named “Teamville 1: East vs West”, and this one’s great!

Get this: TeamVille 1 is a mapping competition that consists of two teams.

One team is formed out of modders from the Americas only, and the other is formed out of modders from Europe.

No news on whether Australia will have its own secret team, however. I can see it now: “East vs. West vs. Down Under”. Nah, too drab and cliche’d. “East vs. West vs. Greatest Country Ever”. Hmm, a slight improvement.

The competition starts in January 2011, and both teams will have 6 months to create a story-driven mod based around a theme that will be announced at a later date.

It sounds pretty great!

For all the details, check out Phillip’s official blog post and the competition’s site:


  1. Wooo!! Gee its great to be from the greatest Country ever! I hope we get a team in.

  2. DARN!
    Now I really wish I was either a European or an American.

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