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PlanetPhillip Launches New Site:

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One could say that Phillip Marlowe, administrator of, is a sort of godfather of the Half-Life community. He’s launched so many great websites and side-projects (and he helped with the creation of our lovely little site) that he may, in fact be the baws.

He’s just launched a new website, named “”.

PlanetPhillip Launches New Site:

The premise behind the site is that every week, Phillip will review another mod. Most times, it’ll be a Source mod, but soon, once he gets a stronger PC, he may be able to do mods on other engines.

Mod of the Week is free from the strict criteria over at PlanetPhillip. That means you’ll see anything from multiplayer mods to third-person-shooter mods and the like.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on it, and so should you.


  1. Thanks for the mention, although I wouldn’t characterize myself as anything like the “baws”, more like the janitor.

    Anyway, let’s hope the mods and reviews are interesting. Have a great 2011!

  2. Good to see that there is finally a ‘The Cake is a Pie’ kind of website for Half-Life 2 and other games.

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