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Our Second Monthly Mini-Poll Is Here!

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A month has gone by, and here we have our second ever monthly mini-poll. We’ve also got the results from last month’s poll (which we just wrapped up), so let’s take a look!

Our Second Monthly Mini-Poll Is Here!

First off, the new mini-poll is here, after a slight delay. It is: “What gaming platform do you HATE the most?”, and the choices are: the XBox 360; the PlayStation 3; the Wii; the Windows PC; the Mac OS X; the Nintendo 3DS; the PSP; the Vita; the iOS library; the Android library; and an option for other handheld systems we might have missed. Currently, the X360 is leading the poll as the most hated game platform. So, without further ado: get out there, and get voting! Note that at one point after introducing the new poll, we were forced to wipe the vote count clean, as the previous mini-poll’s had gotten mixed up with new votes through some convoluted glitch – so if you’ve previously voted, do cast your vote yet again.

That said, let’s take a look at our last poll’s results. The question was: “What is the next Valve game you are most anticipating?”, and this is the final count… in pie chart form! Observe:

That’s right – as of March 2012, over 75% of the Valve fanbase would probably take a Half-Life 3 over everything else Valve might have in their arsenal. That’s pretty impressive. What’s also interesting is the number of people who voted for other options: a pretty substantial 25% in total.

A hypothetical Portal 3 was second with 58 votes; then followed by Valve’s unannounced new IP, the mysterious “SOB” with 39 votes. Then came the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with 36 votes; which was then then followed by… Gunman Chronicles 2, with 34 votes? After that came… Ricochet 2, with… 32 votes? Left 4 Dead 3 came in seventh, with 30 votes; while the vague possibility of a Half-Life 1 remake accumulated 25 votes. Team Fortress 3 and Dota 2 were tied with 17 votes; and were followed by the “Other” option crowd. At eleventh place, Day of Defeat 2 only roused 11 voters. And last, but not least, we have Alien Swarm 2, with just 6 votes, barely enough for a 0.85% margin.

Among the “Other” options were (this is gonna be good):

Fart Cops
Team Fortress: Brotherhood of Arms
– “Something to do with Half-Life 2’s older concepts”
– Prospero
– A new game/IP (voted 4 separate times in total)
– Black Mesa Source
– Garry’s Mod 13
– Nuclear Dawn 2
– “Episode 3”
Aperture Beginnings

As a result, we are never using the Other option again – or, at the very least, so we’d like. In any case, our first mini-poll was, to quote Borat, a “great success”. With precisely 1,293 votes in total, it went far better than we expected it to. Let’s hope the new poll goes just as well!

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  1. Hi. Could you please tell me what program was used to generate pie plot?

  2. Awesome!

  3. For the Gunman to Steam Petition, search:
    ‘Petition: Bring Gunman Chronicles Back’

  4. What about the “None of above” option? I can’t hate consoles or devices because they didn’t anything bad to me.

  5. Where’s that image of Pong and HL2 from?

  6. Sony, I’m getting pissed.
    600 bucks I paid for this.
    PlayStation has no freaking games.
    Now I know you’re feeling crunched
    ‘Cause 360 ate your lunch.
    PlayStation has no freaking games.
    Sixaxis is fine and good
    When there’s cool stuff to play.
    Instead I’m playing Motor Storm
    3000 times a day.
    Games feel so lame and fake
    ‘Cause my controller doesn’t shake.
    PlayStation, no rumble is so lame!
    It’s hard for gamers not to hate
    600 dollar paperweight.
    PlayStation has no freaking games!

  7. What do you guys think of starting a petition to bring Gunman Chronicles to steam?

  8. Lol wow, in the new poll, 35% of the people hate the Xbox. Haters gonna hate.

  9. How about adding “add consoles”, “all handheld devices” and “all consoles and handheld devices” options?

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