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Orion Ditches Source, Goes Professional

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They grow up so fast. It seemed like only yesterday Orion’s public beta was released. Since then, the mod was updated and cared for, but even before exiting beta, the team has decided to go a completely different direction.

Orion Ditches Source, Goes Professional

Spiral Games, the studio behind this, has released a long and boring press release over at ModDB. Read it if you like, but expect superfluous adjectives (interactive game mode, anyone?), self-praise, and bunch of other nonsense.

The only real news out of this is the switch over to UDK and commercial development. They’ve abandoned Source and have announced a cross-platform release, but no date was mentioned. We can’t really cover it any more on Lambda Generation, but we wish the team luck during development!

It’s hard to tell how this will affect the quality of the mod, except for the visual fidelity. The team has already shown off screenshots within the new engine and of course, it looks beautiful. The models are of a higher caliber, the environments are more detailed, and the lighting is fantastic. And dinosaurs. They finally added dinosaurs.


  1. Believe me, They’ll want Source back after a time.

  2. They abandoned source? Oh what a shame.

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