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One Month Later, The Half-Life Call For Communication Group Is Starting To Ramp Up, Has Major Event Lined Up

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June 2009 was expected to bring a Half-Life 2: Episode Three reveal by many. Instead, it brought… the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2. Outraged, numerous fans joined the now-infamous L4D2 Boycott group. And in one month, the Boycott group had rallied nearly 37,000 members, although most of them would later go on to… buy the game. As we know now, the Boycott didn’t work out… at all, although many thought it would never work out, from the start.

Now, the slumbering Half-Life fanbase has awoken. And it’s been one month since the “A Call for Communication” movement moved outside of the Steam Forums, and got its own Steam Group. Unlike the Boycott, this is a peaceful, polite, and intelligent way of doing things. And it might just work. Well, let’s see how many members they’ve got, shall we?

One Month Later, The Half-Life Call For Communication Group Is Starting To Ramp Up, Has Major Event Lined Up

In just one month, the Call for Communication Steam Group has gathered over 27,000 members. Very impressive, in my opinion. Sure, it’s 10,000 less than what the L4D2 Boycott had, but the Boycott’s message relied on a recent announcement from Valve, and it was publicized significantly. It was easier for the Boycott to get… god knows how many members they had at the peak of the Boycott, and it’s quite a bit harder here.

So: well-done to all those involved! We’ve come a long way. Earlier this month, over 27 gaming publications covered the initiative, and in little over two days following that, 7,000 new members had joined the group. In addition, a few of these publications have actually come out in support of the CfC, such as Rock Paper Shotgun, and even Kotaku. Of course, there are a few publications that completely missed the point and don’t seem to have actually read the CfC’s manifesto, but that was to be expected.

There’s a major group event lined up as well. Next Saturday, on the 4th of February, from 11:00 AM, to 11:30 AM PDT (PDT being -8 GMT), the group will be playing Half-Life 2. Like… all of it. And you’re invited to join them! In the words of Surf himself:

Why are we doing this? It will be a fun way to rally together, put Half-Life back in the spotlight and draw more people to our cause. We are not asking or demanding for anything; it will simply be a huge group of Half-Life fans playing one of the best games ever made. Who knows, maybe Half-Life 2 will even reach the top ten games played for that day.

You can be damn certain I’ll be participating – and all of you guys should join us as well. Play from whatever chapter you wish, hell, you can even play a custom map if you want, just so long as you are playing HL2 itself, on Steam, while it’s all going on. A group announcement with more info on the event can be found here, and the actual event page can be found here. If you’re viewing it from within Steam, it’ll automatically display the event time in your own time zone. In GMT time, it’ll be around 19:00 PM, so it’s a fairly reasonable time for most time zones.

And if you haven’t already, join the group! Otherwise you might not find out when you’re supposed to play it. And you’ll be a part of a pretty significant movement! Then, when you’re older, you can tell your grandkids all about it. They’ll be like: “where were you when HL3 kept NOT getting announced?”, and then they’ll never be able to shut you up again. If you don’t plan on having grandkids, then why not go hermit à la Ben Kenobi? Everyone’s gonna be like: “watch out, this bro was part of the CfC”, and you’ll get nosy kids coming around, asking you all about it. Crazy stuff – I’m looking forward to being old already.


  1. The last paragraph lol.

    I am going to do this. (Play HL2 on the event)

  2. You can defiantly count me in!

  3. EXCELLENT! I am playing Hl2: Ep 2 right now, but I wouldn’t mind playing Hl2 as well! 🙂

  4. Hey , Vic , I found this on Reddit : . It seems Black Mesa source is still alive !

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