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Official Xbox Magazine: “US-Based Valve Voice Actor Is Doing Voice Work On Half-Life: Episode 3”?

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Up until today, it seemed like the existence of Half-Life 3 still remained just a mere myth. There is still no solid evidence to indicate Valve is actively developing the game, or even planning on revealing it any time soon. Sure, maybe we’ve got some stuff here and there, but mostly, Half-Life 3 is practically non-existent to us. But today, on the 9th of December, Anno Domini 2011, International Anti-Corruption Day, and John Malkovich’s birthday, we might finally have something substantial on the Half-Life front.

Official Xbox Magazine: “US-Based Valve Voice Actor Is Doing Voice Work On Half-Life: Episode 3”?

Official Xbox Magazine says a US-based “Valve voice actor” told them that they had recently recorded lines for a “Half-Life: Episode 3”. They have no other sources and nothing more substantial than that. Nor do they mention if the source is reliable or credible in any way. They say that the structure of the title (“Half-Life: Episode 3”, and NOT “Half-Life 3” or “Half-Life 2: Episode Three”) may be a mistake on the unnamed voice actor’s part, rather than a confirmation of the identity of the next Half-Life game, and they have apparently requested further clarification on the game’s title from this source. They also speculate that HL3 might be a top-secret reveal at the Spike VGA’s tomorrow, and they conclude the article by stating that they have contacted Valve and asked them for comment.

So, what do we think about all this stuff? At this point, it’s honestly not worth thinking anything about this business. I’ve burned through my supplies of salt, so I am just going to lie down for a bit… and bolt myself to the bed. If anyone comes by, tell them I’m on vacation. In Mongolia. No, no – say I’m on vacation. In Kyrgyzstan. And Mongolia. Don’t mention Kosovo, though. The Interpol probably has some microphones lying around here. Also, if any ladies come in, make sure they’re not secretly working for the Interpol. Or the Europol (those guys really want to talk to me about that damn Kosovo thing). If they aren’t, just go ahead and send them in.

Oh, and yeah, don’t get TOO excited for the VGA’s. This isn’t the first time we’ve been let down. Just keep cautiously optimistic. Worst case scenario, they don’t announce it, but you get to watch Valve clear house and take home all the awards. Oh, and the Wheatley augmented realit short. So, it’s still win-win, except austerity measures have sort of cut down on the first “win”. Because of the Eurocrisis and all.


  1. Whatever happens, Breen wont be in it. The actor who portrayed him died last year. Or was that just the likeness?

  2. Though nothing was announced at the VGAs, that doesn’t really dismiss that voice work is being done, so, I’m hopeful, as always.

  3. hum … we all know that we wont get HL3 / HL2:E3 this x-mas …

    but pls Gabe … give us a hint … to the HL-community … as an x-mas present …

    we just want to if : is it worth to wait until a sequel of HL-series … or is it just an open end at HL2:E2 …

  4. VGA’s in a couple hours! Fingers Crossed, in the words of hogsy.

  5. Man, you’ve got me all excited now!!! XD Just gotta get into the CS:GO beta, and VALVe to announce Hl2:ep3, and my heart is complete!!! 😀

  6. Like Mulder, I Want To Believe.

  7. There is a site called and it’s been going around sence around the summer of ’11. The date that is shown ends today and it was never changed. I beleave that something, atleast a little hint of EP3 will be revealed at VGA.


  9. Why are there still rumors about episodes. I thought Gabe Newell said they were done releasing there games in that form.

  10. This really is a Half-life 3 rumor week, attack of the fanboy! I don’t think there has ever been this much rumors in so short time… omg could this finally be it? I think I have something in my eye….

  11. What’s up with the Kosovo thing?

  12. It’s a joke. They’re Gordon’s lines.

  13. Well as long as they’ll use the same voice actors from the previous games, I’m happy, with the exception of Robert Culp, who sadly died last year, but if they add Dr. Breen, his voice should be as close as possible as the original

    • But Dr.Breen died in the Reactor Core explosion at Citadel, didn’t he?

      • Hah, You would never know 😉

      • Don’t want to spoil anything but when Breen is talking with the combine advisor near the end of the game he says something about a host body and in the original concept he was kept alive trough artificial life-support technology made by the combine. Maybe Valve will re-add this same way they added the Borealis (another old concept of theirs)

        • Well, when he’s talking to the combine advisor, its made clear I believe that they are not letting him have a host body. So he dies.

          Either way, I think Breen will not come back as a character we’ll interact with, but Im sure his impact on the HL universe will be further explored. I think we’ve moved away from that character, though.

          • Didn’t Alyx say in the start of Episode 1, when she was recalling what was happening right after the citadel went critical and exploded, that she remembers Breen falling? I was even under the impression I killed him in Half-Life 2 when you stop the Dark Energy portal o_o
            I’m not sure about this part but I also recall that I took once too long to reach the top when Breen was inside the portal machine that slowly was lifting him up, the result was ‘Mission Failure’. The same one you get when you destroy the buggy you drive through Chapter 7 and 8 ect.

  14. Interesting, only time will tell O_O

  15. Fingers crossed…

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