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Nightmare House 2 Released!

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You think with all of the horror mods, or worse, “horror-action” mods, you think people would finally realize They Hunger did it best 11 years ago. But no, the onslaught continues.

Well, for good or bad, Nightmare House 2, the sequel to the 2005 mappack “Nightmare House”, (which for the love of me, seems to have VANISHED from the Internet, along with its remake or something) has finally been released after 3 years in development.

I’d say “get ready for more reused Stalker screams, more charcles spammed all over the maps”, but then Ale- ahem, Mr. Malkin would terminate my employment. I’m already on probation, folks.

Nightmare House 2 Released!

Made by the “Portal: The Flash Version Mappack” folks? Wow, this might just be awesome. Is every single Portal developer turning to other projects? (First Portal Prelude, now them too? Dayum.)

Either way, the trailers look promising. Check it out and tell us what you think.


  1. Of course I’m here.I’m everywhere

  2. It’s got some creepy girl stalking you FEAR style.It’s a nice mod but it isn’t that scary(at least for me).

  3. Am I the only person left on the planet who hates horror mods?

    I can’t even believe I’m playing Heart of Evil.

  4. This is pure awesomeness. It contains enough story for me to get autistic on it…

  5. Lighting in that first picture should have been a light_spot not a normal light.

  6. One of the best SP mods I have played.

    Great stuff, I recommend it for everyone.

  7. Awesome, this mod looks fantastic! I’ll give it a try sometime.

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