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News Roundup #9

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Near schedule?

I know, I know.

Yes, we’re serious.

News Roundup #9

Dance Fortress 2 Released

James Benson’s most awesome work is finally here.

The Sacrifice Comic: Issue 3 Is Out!

One issue to go! Let’s hope we get this awesome thing in print.

Left 4 Dead News: Week 23

Last week wasn’t very notable, and neither is this one, as you’ll soon see with our Week 24 article.

Gaming Heads’ Headcrab Zombie Statue!

Coming to a pre-order near you on October 4th, 8 AM PDT.

And NO Exclusive versions.

The Sacrifice Teaser!

Creepy and atmospheric, this teaser has us pumped to play The Sacrifice.

Bidwell’s Big Plan

Bigwell’s… no, Brig… Jig… gah, s**t.

TF2 Mannconomy Update, Steam Wallet, and HL2: DM on Source 2009!

More news than you could POSSIBLY know what to do with. Other than read, or something.

FireArms: Source on Steamworks!

The new days of LambdaGeneration, when Pinky is… jokey.

LambdaGeneration on Steamcast!

Stay tuned for the Steamcast-LambdaGeneration interview, this Tuesday!

Yes, I know. It is MUCH more important than that “The Sacrifice” thing.

Dead Before Dawn Released!

Dawn of the Dead 2004 meets L4D? That’s like… LambdaGeneration meets Ste- Oh. Sorry.

Bonus Snippet: Improving A Mediocre Console With…

Mmmmmmm. Awesome.

And, Finally…:

Getting back in our schedule!

A new L4D News issue should be out in a bit, loaded with the latest news from the world full of wacky zombies that can run and jump 30 feet.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I need The Sacrifice nao.


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