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News Roundup! #7

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Yes, late again.

This is the one that was supposed to be posted last Friday, as in the one that came before this Friday.

The one supposed to be posted this Friday will also be coming, and hopefully NOT as late as this one did.

Not only have our time tables been shaken by a combination of school, college, work, modding, and a giant WP problem that crippled us last Thursday.

So, sorry about all the delays.

Hey, we ARE a Valve fansite.

Valve Time affects us greatly.

I can already feel the distortion of time… IT’S MAKING ME GO INSAN-

News Roundup! #7

Ah, happy pills.

An LG writer’s greatest friend.


We launched our new series of articles last week.

Since rumors do not grow on trees (Some may disagree with me, but I write for a website, and therefore my opinion is far superior.), don’t expect them to pop up weekly or something.

And no, I have no idea why its feature image is a wrecked arch. Pinky does, being the awesome abstract artist that he is.

Greatest Game Villain

Yep, we lost.

Maybe if Valve had helped out with an announcement, the Hammer Legion would have proven its greatness.

Or something.

For nostalgia, check our previous articles on the subject.

Steam Wallet Beta Released

Hate using credit/debit cards?

No worries, now you can pump money directly into your Steam account, thus making it more EXTREME and awesome.

Just pray the same Valve intern who banned 12,000 Modern Warfare 2 players (high five bro!) doesn’t steal all of your monies.

Left 4 Dead News: Week 21

These articles are starting to get dull.

Still, this is what was on last last week.

Or last week?


Left 4 Dead: “The Sacrifice” Comic

But Valve’s “The Sacrifice” comic is now live, which makes L4D articles slightly more interesting.

Amazing Fanmade Wheatley Model

This is what LG’s all about, folks.

High definition models with copious amounts of detail.


Portal 2: GameSpot Announces Pre-Orders


I wanna see them Custom Bots.

“I’m The Freeman” Teaser Released

So many fanfilms, so little time.

Portal 2: Lots of Stuff That I Cannot Condense Into One Subtitle


Garry’s Mod Coming To The Mac On September 23rd

Now the stereotypical hipsters will be talking about how “everyone uses PHX and Wire, so it’s just gotten dull and bad”.

God help us all.

PC Gamer’s Valve Week is Over!

Check them out for a TON of info!

Dystopia 1.30 Released!

In a dark, dark world with fancy high-tech guns and cyberspace interfaces…

…where mod updates take 1 year and 7 months…

… two factions will fight…


Gordon Freeman Saved My Life

Ah, music.

Some say it is the greatest form of art.

I agree, as long as they’re talking about KMFDM.

Tactical Espionage Action Released

It’s like MGS… only in Half-Life, bro!

Totally tubular!

Bonus Snippet!: Halo? Gunman Chronicles? Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

This week’s bonus snippet is in text!

Some of you may remember the amazing Gunman Chronicles, a mod that started on Quake 1, continued on Quake 2, and finally popped up on GoldSource. Sierra got wind of its awesomeness, and decided to give Rewolf some funds and retail publishing.

The result was, perhaps, the greatest game released in 2000.

It was, for whatever reason, the basis for fanmade Halo 4 art.

Yes, that is the Xenome monster that appears in Gunman Chronicles, most notably, in its intro.

The problem is, now gaming sites are using this for all their Halo: Reach articles.

Google Halo: Reach and you should see it on the front page!

Pretty weird.

Personally, I scarcely give a damn. Sure, it shows how dumb some game journalists can be, but what can you do about it? Sue Bungie? Sue over 9000 gaming sites? Since Sierra is dead and that the majority of console gamers today won’t have ever heard of awesome games like Gunman Chronicles, it is not in Bungie’s slight interest to attempt to remove this fake fan art from the web.

Besides, think of it like this: Gunman Chronicles is responsible for Halo Reach’s success.

Feel better now, don’t ya?

And, Finally…:

We’re slowly getting back in our regular time tables.

Hopefully next time, the Roundup should be on time, same with the L4D News.

A big article should be coming soon based around Phillip’s recent Valve-related article, as should that huge mod update article we’ve been mentioning.

Thanks for reading, and see ya next time!


  1. Damn dippling Delays..

  2. Wasn’t this up for a few seconds one day? I remeber seeing it and then it was gone until now.

  3. Great round-up Vic!

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