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News Roundup #61

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Sorry for the lack of activity around here! I’ve been really busy lately, and since I’m probably the last of the mohicans around here, it’s had a nasty effect on the site. I’m working on ways to ensure this doesn’t really happen again, and you’ll be hearing about that very shortly. Let’s just say it involves putting more people into our lovely, imaginary offices.

News Roundup #61

PlanetPhillip Releases MapTap

At last, the perfect solution to one of the HL community’s oldest problems! Get MapTap!

Portal 2 DLC Pack #1: “Peer Review” Released!

My review on the DLC pack is still on the way.

L4D: September 23rd Update

That week’s Mutation was Healthpackalypse, another one of those grueling Versus mutations.

Aperture: A Triumph Of Science

A few plot holes and inconsistencies still can’t hold this thing away from being the finest Portal fanfilm ever created.

Eric Ruth’s Team Fortress Arcade Released

From TF1, to TFC, to TF2… to TFA. Strange evolution.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Podcast 17!

Two years older than we are! P17 is sort of like our big brother.

Non-Standard Specimen

The newly released TF2 Manniversary update does bring some pirate-themed goodness to the game, but what if you want more? Head over to DeviantArt and check out Fenomena’s Pirate Fortress 2.

Final Sequence

Well, thanks for reading, and sorry for leaving you guys hanging! Thanks for the continued support, you guys rock!


  1. Hey Vic, considered looking for another few people to help you write? 😀

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