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News Roundup #59

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Another interesting news week – Dota 2 gets leaked, with some interesting references to Episode Three. On top of that, there was my gigantic Portal 2 critique, a colossal CSS update, and the release of the Death Toll beta for L4D2. And people say nothing ever happens in this community!

News Roundup #59

L4D: 9th September Update

Hunting Party – shame it’s not a Versus mutation!

Portal 2, the Unfaithful Sequel; Or Why I Think Portal 1 Will Always Be Better Than Portal 2

Mission complete!

Valve Releases Death Toll Beta For L4D2

A bit buggy, I’ve heard. Let’s hope it’ll get better soon!

Portal 1 Was Free Until The 20th

How long until Portal 2 gets one of these free time periods? Let’s hope it’s not too long!

CS:S Receives Major Update, And More News About CS:GO

Where’s all the 1.6 love? Isn’t 1.6’s server browser still hijacked by Romanian hackers? What the fuck, Valve?

Vote For Alyx And The Companion Cube

I turn around for one second and both of them have already lost. Good god.

DotA 2 Leaked, Including EP3 Code

This is the fourth time Valve has somehow managed to sneak in EP3 code into something they weren’t supposed to.

Valve Has A New Intro Video

Gunman Chronicles 2’s intro? The guy just turns around and looks straight at you. Then you get a BSoD. Then you never sleep again.

Final Sequence

And we are done! A bit late, but I’ve been busy in the past few days, so my bad. I’ll try to catch up to any news I missed. In any case, thanks for reading!


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