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News Roundup #58

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What have we been up to this past week? Well, aside from a bunch of articles, I’ve been putting a lot of work into my Portal 2 review, after I briefly mentioned it in Episode #152 of Podcast 17. It’s becoming more of a critique, or analysis if you will. It should be out shortly. This is why this week’s Roundup is so small!

News Roundup #58

1UP Previews Dota 2 With Gabe Newell And Erik Johnson

Guinsoo, eat your heart out.

Janus Syndicate Releases “Counter-Strike: The Movie – Trailer”

Bundled with Condition Zero 2, baby!

Vic On Podcast 17

Stay tuned on Saturday!

GameSpot’s “All Time Greatest Game Sidekick” – Vote For Alyx And Companion Cube

Now in Round 2! Both of them are doing well, but you should vote nonetheless!

Valve Adds Rubles To Steam

Now Heavy can buy himself keys, believing he might actually get a Sunbeams Ushanka.

Final Sequence

That’s all for this week! Well, thanks for reading!

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