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News Roundup #56

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And we’re right back in the game with another roundup!

News Roundup #56

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gameplay Unveiled

I have to admit – it looks good! The weapon poses and animations are a bit weird, but hey, it’s pre-beta!

Steamcast Interviews Jonathan Coulton, Black Mesa, And More

I think this is the first time the Black Mesa developers have actually tried to improve the mod’s PR since… well, 2009? Heh, I kid, I kid. With a mod as incredibly well-done as Black Mesa, PR tends to be a low priority.

I’ll wait another year, just as long as it’s out when it’s done, and not out when it’s partially done.

Jason Hayes Joins Valve

When Valve isn’t making great games, they’re hiring some great industry icons!

Valve News Is Back!

We missed you!

Steam Addicts Interviews E.Y.E.

Goddamn you, interviewing gods!

Portal: No Escape

I liked the fancy Aperture Science riot cops!

I Have Given Up All Hope Of Ever Renaming This Thing

What can we find within the newly released Deus Ex: Human Revolution? How about one of the coolest Half-Life references ever!

Pictures of this reference can be found here, on imgur. Watch out, these may represent spoilers. Thanks to Reddit for digging this up!

Final Sequence

And we’re done! Thanks for reading, and see you around!


  1. More button is animal king.

  2. Awesome Half-Life reference! Deus Ex Human Revolution, you so silly.

  3. Oh this will do. This will do nicely.

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