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News Roundup #54

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We had some important news this week! A new Counter-Strike, Dota 2’s reveal, and another one of Gabe’s trademark vague answers, except this one was actually pretty intriguing!

News Roundup #54

Blood Harvest Released As Beta For L4D2

It’s in surprisingly great shape for a beta! Works better than Dead Air’s beta does.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Announced

I am now absolutely convinced that Valve is commited to bringing each and every one of their game series up to a second installment before they tackle a game with the number 3 in the title. Maybe that’s the reason they did the Episodes instead of HL3 – it allowed them to do another Half-Life, but without a 3 in the title. Yes, I’m onto you, Valve!

Portal 2 Exile Villify Music Video Contest Ends – Winners Revealed

The moral of this story is: Sock puppets always win.

Dota 2 Gamescom Coverage

There was a lot of it – spanning from leaked screenshots, to an actual trailer, to the massive International tournament.

Portal 2 DLC Pack #1 Still On Track For A “Still Technically Summer” Release, In Mid-September

Summer isn’t over until we get our Portal 2 DLC.

HL3 Protesters, And How We Might Need More Of Them

Or perhaps Gabe was deceiving us! What if Valve intends to ambush the protesters and hold them hostage (Well, that is if you count being given pizza, soda and playing Dota 2 as being held as a hostage) for a hat ransom? Oh boy! Call it off! They’ll steal our hats!

Deus Ex United With TF2 In New Cross-Game Promo

Good thing Human Revolution wasn’t another Invisible War, then!

The Gary Hudston Project

For such a heart-warming idea, this sure has a menacing name! Reminds me of the Manhattan Project. Speaking of the Manhattan Project, I wonder if any of the scientists decided to propose to their significant others, during the Trinity test. Gary’s proposal would still be cooler, though.


Still no idea about any replacement name for “Bonus Snippet”. It’ll stay as “Bonus” for the time being.

One question many of us have asked ourselves is: what additions will HL3 bring in the graphical department? More importantly, will new versions of characters we all know and love leave our minds blown, just as they did at E3 2003?

Even if this concept of a new G-Man does take a few precarious steps on the edge of the Uncanny Valley, it’s still very well done! Maybe we’ll see something similar to this in the next Half-Life. Maybe it’ll look even better? Or is that just too much wishful thinking on my part?

Final Sequence

And thanks for reading! The next Roundup should be out soon (we’re aiming Wednesday), as we’re a bit behind schedule with these things.


  1. The G-man is posing for the cover of Badass Weekly.

  2. G-Man is old fart.

  3. The Gman is the stuff of nightmares.

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