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We Are The Lambda Generation. LambdaGeneration is a website dedicated to the video game Half-Life. ( We're basically really passionate about crowbars, headcrabs and anyone who has goatee with a PhD in theoretical physics… )

News Roundup #52

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52! Like… 2052? Deus Ex?

Goddamn it, why can’t I think of any lead-ins anymore?

News Roundup #52

“Dear Valve: Hire Me”

It’s really cute, but when you’re trying to gain support for your application at one of the most esteemed and respected video game corporations of all time, you’ll need to show some talents that could actually be put to work when making a video game. Not just drawing and singing.

Face-Off Paintball V2: Bringing Head Tracking To Half-Life 2 And The Episodes

Just consider getting an appointment with a neck doctor after playing this.

What’s Going On With Counter-Strike?

Adding “helmets”, Valve?

One Year of LambdaGeneration

Thanks again, everyone!

Dino D-Day Having Free Weekend

The game could use a lot of polish, but on the whole, it’s a very fun, very refreshing multiplayer experience.

Blade Symphony Needs Your Help

So, did you donate?

First Look at Dota 2: “The International” Championship, To Be Held At Gamescom

Can’t wait!

Human Error Coop: Beta 1.0.6 And Source Code Released

Re…charge… the generator, Anders?

PlanetPhillip’s GravityGunVille

Get mapping!

Bonus Snippet: TF2 Ladies

What if the cast of Team Fortress 2 was formed out of ladies? Some folks have experimented with this idea before, but Bot from Tumblr is taking this idea and turning into something awesome, with some of the best drawing skills we’ve seen! Check it all out here: or at DeviantArt:

Final Sequence

And we’re done! Thanks for reading, and again, thanks for sticking with the site over the course of the past year! We really appreciate it.



    What do you guys make of it?

  2. Dat Demo Ass.

  3. It’s been a cool week.

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