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News Roundup #50

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And it’s big number 50! We’re also getting rather close to our one year anniversary!

News Roundup #50

Steamcast To Interview Jonathan Coulton

And the interview’s done! Did you tune in? No worries, the interview will soon be out in MP3 form.

OCWeekly Puts Episode Three On Their “5 Video Games That Should Be Released By Now, But May Never Be” List

The wait is really starting to get sinister! But not as sinister as DNF’s wait, thankfully.

Steam Gets New And Improved Download System

I just hope it’ll be able to actually download Episode Three when the time comes. Maybe file size is directly proportional to time due to some space-time anomaly that spontaneously formed in Valve’s offices (blame it on their snack bar). Maybe the whole thing now weighs 10 TB and none of the devs even knew. What then?

IGN Speculates: Half-Life 3 Or Episode Three?

I sometimes wonder if Valve has entire meetings dedicated solely to projecting all of our wild guesses, speculations and rantings on a wall, pointing at them, then laughing.

PlanetPhillip’s 100 Summer Days of Nostalgia Podcast Episode 2 Released

Be sure to tune in!

Three Mysterious Crashed Rockets Appear In Team Fortress 2

Ground Control to Major Tom?

Happy One Year Birthday, Alien Swarm

Hope it’s a good one!

Final Sequence

Yes, slightly late. I have a number of bigger articles I am focusing on – you’ll see them in action very soon. So they are taking up a bit of my time, but they’ll be done in the next couple of days.

Well, thanks for reading!

A big thanks to Chemical Alia for letting us use her excellent fanart!


  1. Hires version of the image in the header?

  2. Congrats!

  3. Fifty weeks, two more weeks and it’s a year!

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