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News Roundup #46

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After a week filled to the brim with news, mostly of the TF2 variety, it’s time to take ’em all in and round them up.

We’ll be releasing this past Friday’s Roundup in a few days, hopefully before the coming Friday. We’ll be posting various news and content, most of which will be older stuff we never got to cover. So, if you’ve already seen some of the stuff we’ll be posting, please bear with us.

News Roundup #46

L4D: June 17th Mutation Update

Hunting Party is up.

New Black Mesa Media Surfaces

Now we’re beginning to see why they’ve been taking their time.

Valve Developing Their Own F2P Title

It was TF2. Surprise.

TF2: The Uber Update

Here’s all of the articles we wrote about the Uber Update:

NECA Partnering Up With Valve For More Valve-Themed Merchandise

In case you don’t have enough lying around at home already.

Final Sequence

There was tons of TF2 stuff this week. We hope to dig up more content and news (mostly community-related) for the next Roundup.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This was a crazy week.

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