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News Roundup #43

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Little over a week away from E3, by the way.

News Roundup #43

L4D: May 20th Update

Gib Fest has returned, and some additions and improvements have been added to the Cold Stream Beta.

Portal 2 OST – Volume 1 Released

Music to one’s ears.

TF2: Saxxy Awards Voting Continues

Will the TF2 community find its very own Citizen Kane?

James Benson’s Half-Life Trailer

Can’t wait to see more of James’ future work.

ThinkingWithPortals’ Summer Mapping Initiative

GLaDOS finally ran out of test chambers.

Steamcast’s Jonathan Coulton Interview

You can still submit questions, as the interview has been delayed.

PlanetPhillip’s 100 Days of Summer Nostalgia

And, yes, it’s already kicked off!

PlanetPhillip’s New Roundtable Podcast

Give it a listen!

Final Sequence

And that’s it. A bit late, but summer is approaching and we’ll finally have a lot more time for the site.

Thanks for reading!

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