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News Roundup #42

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The Rapture has come and gone (presumably Randy Savage was the only true Christian on Earth), but we’re still at it.

News Roundup #42

Steam Announces Daily Deals

That’s pretty awesome. Mid-week deals, the occasional weekly deal, and now a daily deal? Hot damn.


Valve Is Not Going To E3 2011

The truth… or a dastardly surprise?


Final Hours of Portal 2 Released on Steam

I have no idea why the URL says “Steam 2”. Some sort of secret, you say? No, we’re not THAT close to Valve.


Portal 2 End Song Typography, And Other Renditions

Lovely. Watch out, there’s spoilers in there. Do not click unless you’ve finished the game.


Portal 2 Called Insensitive Due To Adoption Joke

“Watch out, there’s spoilers in there. Do not click unless you’ve finished the game.”


Final Sequence

Yes, it was late. Again, sorry! As the end of school approaches, most of us have been getting quite a few exams on our hands. Study comes first! I think.

In any case, thanks for reading!

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  1. The answer of everything; 42.

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