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News Roundup #39

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Pretty interesting news this week.

We’re also not too late, which is good.

News Roundup #39

I’m Working On It!

And people say Valve is slow.


Podcast 17 To Interview Mike Morasky

The interview was postponed due to technical difficulties.


DLC #1 Announced For Portal 2, Free On All Platforms

And people were crying about “Day 1 paid DLC”. Oh, how amusing.


The Lonely Robot – First Ever Portal 2 Machinima

That’s gotta be some kind of world record.


Half-Life Generation: Alex’s Unboxing

Sierra must have been on crack when they designed this monstrosity.


World of Crashes – TF2 Style

Oldie, but goldie.


TF2 – More Promotions, More Hats

I can’t believe I have no money for Plants vs Zombies.

Sad, but true.


L4D – April 22nd Update

I’m still waiting on a “Taaaaaank!” encore, Valve.


Bonus Snippet

My God – it has returned!

Only one problem with this – K goes to Kleiner, no discussion. Keith isn’t a real character!


Final Sequence

And that’s it. Roundup’s taken care of.

Thanks for reading!

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