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News Roundup #35

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Slowly, but surely.

That’s how we do Roundups here at LambdaGeneration, and how we do work in general.

At least that’s how we like to think we do it.

News Roundup #35

L4D – March 24th Update

I think the Gnome can take care of himself, but whatever.

AusGamers Talks to Valve

More Half-Life? What’s this Half-Life thing anyway?

Announcing LlamaGeneration


Gnome Chomspki: The Game

Move over, Fart Cops.

Chell’s Legend: Part One – Trailer Released

We’re loving the mod team’s take on the Enrichment Center.

TF2 Japan Charity Raises Over $300,000

I’m sure it would be a higher number if a copy of Episode Three was given with each donation.

New Potato Sack Indie Game Pack Released

Featuring a TF2 hat. As always.

Precursor Released

Short, but as sweet as… as sweet as chocolate, I guess.

Final Sequence

Thanks for reading.

Not quite as many news as we would have wanted to get in (this starting to become a sort of tradition), but let’s hope I’ll get some more time this coming week.

Thanks for reading!

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